sound, sight & sentiment in yellow springs, ohio

We need a third space…

I am super impressed with some of the ideas presented in this 200+ urban community manifesto! Collaborative Services: Social Innovation and Design For Sustainability (PDF)

I have been working on an idea for a space in town that could function as a community third space for practical arts, philosophy/literary salons, and kid/family workshops of all kinds (media training/language classes/arts).

Leave it to me to have plenty of ideas (and little to no drive to approach the ever-dreaded funding issue). But this publication asks us to rethink what and how we monetize services and products, how we use and share space, and how we view the public and private spheres.

I think our little urban village of Yellow Springs is primed for a strong third space that welcomes all ages in an informal and collaborative environment. We certainly have the local talent. That talent needs a space to play.

Contact me at if your jazzed by this publication- I’ve got a couple things up my sleeve and could use a few partners in crime to get it going.

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